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Angel of Death: Revisited

Earlier this week, all of you have received news that my first book is getting a rerelease this winter. I can imagine the rejoicing upon hearing that. Giru giru.*

To those just joining in, Angel of Death is about this girl named Akiko Tanaka, a dark skinned, blue haired beauty who is also deadly. Having been orphaned at a young age by a superhuman attack, she was raised and trained by her sensei. Years later, she became a professional hitokiri, or assassin and is now seeking vengeance against the man responsible. Accompanying her is her personal army, the Killer Doll Posse. In this first volume, titled “Child of Samael”, which is now in its second edition, she is hunting the minions of the man who very likely killed her family.

The book itself will be available for purchase this winter from BH Publishers through The first editions of the followups, “Killer Doll Posse” and “Sinners and Saints” (whose second editions is also in the works) are still available for purchase.

Are you still reading this blog? Open up a new tab and order them this weekend; they won’t sell themselves!

*note: “giru giru” is a Japanese onomatopoeia for smiling. Like this: 😁


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