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The Poisoned Mayfly

Born into a normal family, a girl was trained in ninjitsu from a young age. She showed her innate talent in combat and espionage, expressing her nimble grace and speed.

There was a catch, a very strange one.

This girl’s seemingly normal family is descended from a clan whose tradition requires the eldest daughter to consume poison in small amounts over the years to make her own body toxic via physical contact (if you catch my drift…wink). Reluctant at first, she grimaced at the taste; she got used to it after fifteen tastes. She would continue this every single day until adolescence, when her body has developed its own defensive toxins as well as build resistance against outside ones. She was also, from that point, be trained in using her body in a way that her targets would succumb to her poison.

When she was old enough, she was recruited by a syndicate who masquerades as an international pharmaceutical company. Said ‘company’ has elite ’employees’ at its beck and call, ready to deal with whoever is unfortunate enough to be on their list. All of her skills and training will be put to good use. She is also willing to put her life on the line to assist- -and protect- -her mistress.

What is this poisonous ninja’s name, you are wondering?


If you wish to see her in action, then check out Child of Samael, the 1st book of the Angel of Death series by yours truly. It’s been revised, updated, and comes with a cool front cover. The book is available for purchase at

One final note: Apart from Akiko, most of the characters that appear in this book or anyone following it belong to their original creators. Be a dear and support them; they’d appreciate it!


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