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A New Announcement

Last week, I mentioned that I have a little book series out. Two books were published, a year apart. And even though things have been hellish for the last year and a half, I still persisted.

Here is the nitty-gritty.

Those two books can be read as a standalone duology. They’re actually part of a series; the second one was written to be the last in case the series didn’t take off. Plus, it wraps up that arc in a neat little bow. So far, it looks like they’re selling modestly.

A new addition to the fledgling series is under way. I’m currently trimming it because Amazon can only allow books containing 740 pages or less; otherwise, it wouldn’t be published. Like the first two books, I think it’ll sell modestly. It’s best to think you’d only sell modestly or not all and unexpectedly succeed than think you’d be a bestseller and fail spectacularly.

Another thing is some of you probably have questions about some of the plot threads in ‘Killer Doll Posse’; for example, who was that girl in red? What’s the deal with that Eri Kousaka girl? What is Akiko planning next? And how are you gonna pull this off without stumbling and falling facedown in the dirt? All of that will be answered when the new book comes out.

As for the previous two books, you can buy them from in paperback or ebook formats. Get them while they’re good!


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